Metabolic health


Whenever I give health seminars I find that it’s important for people to understand the root cause of a chronic issue.  In my research everything always comes back to how we handle stress.  A few weeks back I wrote about how stress impacts our physiology. When under stress, one of the primary systems that is affected is the digestive system – especially the metabolism. Continue reading

Habits and addictions


Habits and addictions are basically synonymous.  That makes sense since both behaviors are set up by the same mechanism in our brain.  Since our brain’s primary focus includes learning new concepts, solving problems and calculating strategies to protect us from danger, the brain structures repetitive actions to save energy.  This places our actions, and even our thoughts, on a sort of “auto pilot” mode.  This is how habits – both good ones and bad ones – are formed.  Why is it though, that habits are so difficult to let go? Continue reading