A Christmas Thought

Christmas thought

I’ve always enjoyed Christmas.  There’s something about this time of year that brings people closer together.  There’s something particularly special about seeing kids and their faces during the Christmas season.  Regardless of economic circumstances, the fact that things tend to slow down the two weeks between Christmas and New Years, allows each of us the chance to focus on what matters most.  Such time provides time for reflection and insight. Continue reading

Chronic pain

Pain Blog Cover

Over 2 billion people all over the world suffer and struggle with chronic pain. This mainly comes in the form of back or joint pain, arthritis and constant migraines. There are more people affected by chronic pain than diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease combined. Between the amount of time spent in doctors’ offices and loss of work  hours, the financial losses that come with chronic pain are extremely high. The emotional losses incurred are also large as chronic pain affects our moods and can lead to depression, sleep disorders and alcohol or drug addictions.  In short, this is a health issue that currently isn’t being handled properly.  Many current solutions are nothing more than a band aid Continue reading

Additional tips for cancer patients

Tips For Cancer Patients

Cancer is a battle well worth fighting; it is in fact a battle that can be won by the body.  When a person is diagnosed with cancer, doctors and others in the health industry typically don’t spend the time to talk through important variables that cause cancer.  Cancer patients are usually left on their own to deal with the depression, anxiety and sadness that accompanies a cancer diagnosis.  This causes a high level of stress that adversely impacts the body’s ability to overcome cancer.  It’s extremely important to recognize how much of an impact our thoughts have on our physiology.  Being in constant stress or fear activates biochemical processes that triggers and accelerates tumor growth.   Continue reading

Recognizing symptoms of chronic stress

Recognizing Symptoms.png

Stress is a part of life and helps boost our abilities. Being chronically stressed however is extremely harmful. But how do we know if we suffer from chronic stress? In my personal experience and in working with others, I’ve realized most of us don’t know the signs of chronic stress. Thus, we go about our day without realizing the harm that is occurring inside our bodies. I thought then, that it would be good to write a post to pinpoint one of the most common symptoms that occur when we’re chronically stressed. Continue reading