The mind and perfectionism

The Mind

Each of us is born with the desire to grow and progress. There’s something within each of us that wants to be a bit better.  I’m not referring to material things per se, although there’s nothing wrong with wanting to secure a sense of financial stability. What I’m referring to however, is the desire to become something greater than we currently are. That desire drives us to develop a number of admirable human traits such as Continue reading

Science behind impressions

science behind impressions

Impressions are effects that occur within our mind. Scientifically it has been difficult to track where they come from.  When I refer to impressions, I’m not talking about when one feels impressed by someone during an initial meeting or introduction.  I’m referring to the feelings that come to us, seemingly out of nowhere, that prompt us to do something good for others or for ourselves. Impressions also work to keep us from Continue reading

The mind and body heal themselves

The Mind and body Heal themselves

One of the most intriguing abilities our body possesses is the ability to cure itself.  This precise, yet complex self healing process is driven by regeneration. Stress, wear and tear, bad nutrition, lack of activity and any sort of abuse creates bodily damage. The ability to self repair and self renew is a role that every cell in our body is able to perform. In fact, each cell contains very Continue reading

How to change our lifestyle

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The basal ganglia are a part of our brain that is responsible with the process of habit building.  Repetitive thoughts turn into actions – brushing our teeth, making our beds, whether or not we gossip, the foods we eat, etc.  There is a process that takes place within the basal ganglia that creates the motivation to act and create a routine or habit; the reward or benefit of acting in a certain way is also processed by this part of the brain.  All of this circuitry takes place in a part of the basal ganglia known as the striatum and neocortex.  The feedback within this circuitry helps pack all of the phases of action and reward/benefit into one cohesive subconscious thought.  This of course requires Continue reading