Mitosis and the development of illness

Mitosis and the development of illness (1)

If I was to ask you how old your body is, how would you respond? Whenever I’ve asked this question people usually think about it a bit because of how the question is phrased. It’s not necessarily a trick question – but to help make it easier to answer – asking how old your body is, is a much different question than asking how old you are. Continue reading

The importance of sleep

The Importance of Sleep

The need for sleep and the relationship between sleep and our physiological and emotional health is well understood, both scientifically and clinically.To stay healthy an adult needs to sleep 7-8 hours every night while children need 9-10 hours. Missing sleep creates serious mental and physiological damage. These damages normally lead Continue reading

How feelings affect health

How Feelings

Valentine’s Day is usually associated with feelings. Obviously for some it’s a day associated with feelings of love or caring for others. Unfortunately, Valentine’s Day can also be associated with feelings of loneliness or disdain for some, depending on what their experience has been. I wanted to write something to help those who have negative feelings understand how what they feel affects their health.  It’s my hope that in providing insight, people can become aware Continue reading