Meatballs with Marinara Sauce

Meatballs with Marinara-English (1).png

Recipe Highlights:

  • Can be used while on the diabetes or weight loss protocols
  • Good source of protein
  • Great source of vitamins A and C
  • Source of potassium and dietary fiber

Now here’s a recipe that doesn’t just taste like Italian food, but contains great health benefits too. The ground turkey and egg are the main source of protein in this recipe and add to the relaxing qualities that this meal includes, which comforting qualities are the same mark that the oregano and basil hit. Along with these wonderful benefits, the tomatoes and parsley add an addition of vitamins A and C to this recipe. Now how can you go wrong with a meal like this? Continue reading

Green Goodness Dressing

Green Goodness Dressing.png


Living up to its name, this dressing contains all of the nutrients needed to back up your salad. It’s through the combination of lemon, parsley, and tomato that Vitamin A, B6, and C are added to this recipe (Vitamin A: regulates cell growth; Vitamin B6: creates antibodies needed to fight off illnesses; Vitamin C: helps fight infection). In addition to this combination, the garlic in this dressing gives the antioxidants your body needs. What better way to enjoy eating than with this nourishing power dressing? Continue reading

How Phytotherapi’s Products Work

How Phytotherapi's products work- ENGLISH

In meeting with people from all walks of life and backgrounds, I’m commonly asked how our products work. It’s a great question and one that I enjoy sharing with others because of how much I love science and biology. Applying what we’ve learned through research and study and seeing how our products and solutions have helped thousands of people improve their health Continue reading

Tangy Herb Dressing

Tangy-Herb Dressing (Draft 1)


With all the flavors to spice up your salad, this delectable dressing contains wonderful health benefits. The mixture of orange and lemon juice give this dressing vitamin c, which helps fight off infection and is an excellent antioxidant as is the use of garlic in this recipe. Without a doubt, this is one dressing that you do not want to miss out on. Continue reading

Chicken Cacciatore

CHICKEN Cacciatore

Recipe Highlights

  • Can be used while on the diabetes or weight loss protocols
  • Good source of protein
  • Great source of Vitamins E and C

This meal doesn’t take too long to prepare and is delicious! The chicken provides the body with lean protein. Garlic can help boost the immune system and contains many important nutrients including: Vitamins C and B6, and Manganese. Tomatoes (from the sauce in this recipe) help provide even more Vitamin C and Vitamin E. This definitely a meal your body and taste buds will enjoy! Continue reading