Black Bean Salad

Black Bean Salad.png

Need a new dinner recipe? Try out this salad for a fresh look on your menu.The combination of tomatoes, onions, and lemons doesn’t just give this salad flavor, but essential vitamins and antioxidants–including that of vitamins E and C. On top of all this goodness, the beans in this recipe add fiber as well as protein. So what are you waiting for? Give it a shot!!

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2 tips to soothe stress

2 Tips to Soothe Stress (3)

I absolutely love what we do as a company.  Nothing brings more joy and satisfaction than to hear successful stories of people who’ve been able to turn their lives around and enjoy better health.  While it’s great to hear about people who’ve reversed their diabetes, lost weight or seen their body heal from other ailments, the most satisfying thing to hear is when people are genuinely happier.  As great as a blessing as it is to recover from, heal or reverse chronic disease, those manifestations of the body are not enough to bring happiness. They can bring excitement, emotion and can definitely alleviate burdens, but unless we accompany physical successes with a change in how we manage the daily or weekly vicissitudes that life brings there is no long lasting happiness – there is only emotion. Continue reading