Redesigning our minds


It’s incredible to think about how well connected the brain is to the rest of the body. How and what we think all directly impacts our health. For example, high levels of stress that escalate and grow to chronic levels affects brain function and connectivity in such a way that there is a physiological domino effect that can lead to disease. Anything from obesity to chronic inflammation, digestive problems and many other illnesses can occur due to the level of interconnectivity between the brain and every part of the body. Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving! (Free printables)

Grateful person

As we’ve discussed in previous blogs, gratitude not only helps us appreciate what we have, but it also helps to relieve stress. As a thank you for all of your support here are some free printables for this Thanksgiving! Use them to show your gratitude to others and you’ll be surprised to find how much you really have to be thankful for. You can also use them to hang on your walls to get into the Thanksgiving spirit! So this season let’s stress less by giving more by showing gratitude for all our many blessings!

Happy Thanksgiving! Continue reading