Understanding Optimal Health, part 2

Optimal 2

In our last blog we discussed the importance of nutrition for health and how cellular health and regeneration depend heavily on nutrients and metabolism. In today’s blog we’ll talk about nutrient absorption, how the GI system works, how the brain influences our gastrointestinal system for good or for bad, and the effects of chronic stress on the immune and endocrine systems. Continue reading

Understanding Optimal Health (Part 1)

Optimal Health

If I were to ask you if you were healthy, what would the answer be? What if I were to ask if you were in optimal or ideal health? No matter the answer to those questions, it’s striking to think of all the different answers one might hear. Through the next series of blogs we will be discussing optimal health. We’ll discuss what it looks and feels like, how to maintain it, why our bodies become sick, and what we can do to change the our cells’ environment if we are sick. Additionally we’ll also be discussing the connection between mind and body and how it plays into illness, and the effects of our genetics and social environment on our physical and mental state. Continue reading

The brain under positive & negative emotions

Pos neg emotions

Strong negative emotions are based on preconceived judgements of whether or not something is a threat. These emotions can be powerful and even paralyze us at times. The brain has mechanisms to detect when something is a threat to us, causing several responses in the body to occur which allow us to deal with the threat. For this to work effectively however, it requires the limbic region of the brain. Continue reading

Lifestyle and Health


Will what I do today affect my health tomorrow? As I’ve learned more about the mind and body through Phytotherapi’s blogs and seminars, and my own study I’ve come to understand better the answer to this question. The answer, very simply, is YES. However, it’s more accurate to say that how we live our lives now affects our health later, meaning our lifestyles have a direct impact on our health. Continue reading

A thought for the New Year


As we come to the close of this year I’ve reflected on the things I’ve been able to accomplish and the things I’ve learned. Many of the things that I’ve been able to do came as a result of setting a goal. I’ve set many goals throughout my life, but I don’t always reach them. I’m sure it’s happened to all of us. However, I thought back to see what made the difference between the goals I achieved and the ones I didn’t. As I did so, I realized 3 common key principles I had applied each time I reached a goal. Continue reading