How Allergies Develop

Allergies develop

It’s that time of year- sneezing, wheezing, itchy eyes, they all are signs of yearly allergies. If you’re like many people throughout the world, this can be a miserable time of year. If you’re looking for some natural ways of relieving allergy symptoms, we’ve written a blog about that subject several months ago. In today’s blog however, we want to discuss how allergies develop. A solid foundation of how our bodies react and develop allergies will help give hope in treating them. Continue reading

Chronic Stress and Reproduction, part 1

Stress and reprod.jpg

The human body is comprised of many interconnecting systems which depend upon each other. The reproductive systems of both men and women is no different in that regard. Imbalances in other systems can create imbalance in the reproductive system. In order to understand how and why this occurs, first a basic understanding of how each system functions is necessary. Continue reading

Stress and Body Healing

Stress and body healing

Our body’s ability to heal itself would amaze any architect who understands how expensive and time consuming it is to repair a building. In fact, it’s 20 times more difficult to repair a building than it is to just build a new one. The body doesn’t have this difficulty, regardless of the source of damage–pathogens, trauma, burn, toxins,excess hormone production, lack of sleep, any cellular damage, etc. All these sources of illness can be healed by the body in a process that involves destroying sources of damage,destroying and removing sick cells and repairing damaged parts. This process takes place with biochemical activities taking place in the immune system, liver, brain, kidneys and other parts of the body.Balance hormone production and stress response are part of the healing process as well as several natural chemicals produced by the body like neurotransmitters, enzymes, cholesterol and collagen. Energy and nutrients are vital to the healing process. Continue reading

Canker Sores

Canker Sore.jpg

Since I was young I remember getting canker sores. Most recently, I got four canker sores within a week! To be quite frank, they suck. It makes eating and talking very uncomfortable. It even made a kiss from my wife hurt. Needless to say, it’s no fun having them. My most recent experience prompted me to do a little experimenting and research into this rather annoying condition.
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