Becoming self-aware of stress


A year and a half ago I called my father looking for advice. My father has studied and worked in the field of health, biochemistry and physiology for years. He loves health and science, but above all he loves helping people understand how the body works, and providing insight on simple steps to improve health. He’s the founder of Phytotherapi and you may know him as Dr. Ulises. The reason I reached out to my father was because I had just visited the doctor and received a diagnosis I wasn’t happy about. While it wasn’t severe, I was alarmed because I’ve always considered myself a healthy person.  I don’t smoke or drink alcohol; I watch what I eat; and I like to exercise.  Continue reading

7 Tips to Improve Learning


“I just can’t learn this stuff.” That’s probably something we’ve all heard or even said at one point or another. If you’re a parent then it’s very likely you’ve heard this from your child. Needless to say, we all have had trouble learning a concept or subject and wished we could have an easier time with it. The good news is the brain is an amazing creation, and one of its principal functions/responsibilities is to constantly be learning about the outside world, which is done through our senses. We may be tempted to think we can’t learn new things, but that is false. Continue reading