Sugar…The Not So Sweet Truth


Many individuals are trying to become healthier but are left confused when it comes to proper nutrition. It seems common sense to eliminate foods that are obviously unhealthy like donuts and candy, but what about other food that masquerades as healthy? Today’s blog will help sort out the good from the bad and inform you of your choices. Continue reading

Myths about weight gain


I know this is a topic that gets discussed often.  There’s a reason for it though – mainly the fact that weight management tends to be problematic for many.  When it comes to managing weight there are key variables that need to be considered such as stress level, hormonal changes, health of the liver, etc.  Each of these variables affects the interaction we have with the food we consume.  Since this is an important topic I’d like to dedicate a few different posts to it.  I’d like to start by clarifying a few myths or paradigms that I’ve often heard. Continue reading