Love and Prejudice

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Have you ever wondered how great men and women did so much good? Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr., Florence Nightingale and many others did things that were unprecedented. Their service and vision forever shaped the world for good. There are many great attributes these men and women shared, but I’ve found there is an underlying, and sometimes underappreciated, factor to their work. They genuinely loved people. Continue reading

Giving and Receiving Love



I remember as a newlywed thinking I knew so much about love.  However, the older I get, the more I realize how little I actually knew.   When I think of love, my first thought would be a significant other.  However, as many of us have discovered as we get older, this would come to possibly include children and grandchildren.  When in reality, this would also include anyone that we care a great deal  for.  This could be friends, siblings, parents, neighbors, etc.  What I didn’t understand was that we show our love to each person we interact with.  So I ask, as you read this post to ponder the following question:   

How do you receive love as well as give it?  

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