The Cost of Health

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As I was talking with a friend about health, I mentioned that my wife and I do our best to get organic healthier foods, but how it can be pricey compared to other food choices. To this she responded, “You either pay for it now or pay for it later.” How true that is! What she meant by this is that we all have a choice. We can either use money now to sustain a healthy lifestyle or spend a lot more later to pay for all the medical expenses due to poor health. Continue reading

Looking Back with Joy

Looking Back with Joy.png

We have spoken before on the importance of not living in the past. This is an important principle because living in the past keeps us from progressing, learning, and can lead to emotional issues such as depression. However, I recently became aware that in our attempt to not live in the past, some people go to an unhealthy extreme. The best way to describe this extreme is “burying the past”. I know that some people are doing this because I found myself doing it in certain instances.
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