Nutrition Corner

Everybody already knows eating healthy is important.  Many people even know the kinds of foods they should be eating.  The hard part is finding the recipes that help you live a healthy lifestyle.

We decided to make it easier by asking Monica Balanzategui, our Nutrition Specialist, to create healthy recipes.  Monica has been studying nutrition since 1993 and due to the various seminars she’s attended and books she’s read we thought her insight would be useful.  What makes her more valuable however is that Monica is a true testament to what proper diet and nutrition can do.  She’s used food to help her overcome cancer and a chronic thyroid condition after seeing little success from the medications and treatments that doctors had given her.  She’s used that knowledge to help several people overcome unhealthy eating habits and establish a lifestyle that’s conducive to living better.  We’re excited about having her available to provide this as an additional resource to others.

This page may start small, but we’ll begin adding recipes as often as we can to help people reach their goal of living a healthier lifestyle.

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