Acting on emotions


A little more than a week ago I had an interesting experience with a close friend of mine. Recently he and his wife were looking at buying a new house.  As he was gathering the information to apply for a loan he noticed a credit card that had been used excessively without his knowledge.  His first thought was that these must be fraudulent charges so he immediately called the bank and began working with them.  While he was on hold with the bank he called his wife to let her know what happened.  A couple minutes after speaking with his wife, she sent him a text saying she knew about the high balance and that it was her fault.   Continue reading


The Power of Thank You


A few weeks back I came across the following quote that caused me to stop and reflect: “The habit of saying thank you is the mark of an educated man or woman.”

Saying thank you is something we are taught in our childhood. If we ever omitted that all important expression, I’m sure we can recall a time when a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle chastised us. Continue reading

Toxins that affect learning and memory


No matter your age, chronic stress can be toxic. It can paralyze us, affect our relationships with others, and limit our ability to focus. With time, it destroys our physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual health. With such a destructive effect, chronic stress assaults the minds of children, youth, and adult alike, preventing correct development and connectivity skills. Continue reading

Becoming self-aware of stress


A year and a half ago I called my father looking for advice. My father has studied and worked in the field of health, biochemistry and physiology for years. He loves health and science, but above all he loves helping people understand how the body works, and providing insight on simple steps to improve health. He’s the founder of Phytotherapi and you may know him as Dr. Ulises. The reason I reached out to my father was because I had just visited the doctor and received a diagnosis I wasn’t happy about. While it wasn’t severe, I was alarmed because I’ve always considered myself a healthy person.  I don’t smoke or drink alcohol; I watch what I eat; and I like to exercise.  Continue reading