Canker Sores

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Since I was young I remember getting canker sores. Most recently, I got four canker sores within a week! To be quite frank, they suck. It makes eating and talking very uncomfortable. It even made a kiss from my wife hurt. Needless to say, it’s no fun having them. My most recent experience prompted me to do a little experimenting and research into this rather annoying condition.
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Treating Allergies Naturally

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Every year thousands of people are affected by allergies. Whether it be seasonal allergies, animal hair, or foods, no one enjoys allergy symptoms. As common as they are however, most people don’t really know why they have allergies in the first place. It’s a misconception in society that allergies “just happen” and are a natural part of life. The fact of the matter is our bodies aren’t designed to have allergies. Allergies are the result of a compromised immune system. Today’s blog however, will focus more on treating allergies rather than explain in great detail what happens to the body when we have allergies, that will be for another blog. For those with seasonal allergies, pay particular attention because the key to avoiding strong allergy symptoms is preparing the body long before spring time comes. Continue reading