The perfect bomb squad


It’s been nearly a month since I’ve posted anything.  My apologies, but I’ve just been extremely busy for the past month visiting different parts of Mexico and meeting so many incredible people.  It really brings me a lot of joy to see people’s health and lives change for the better.  It’s even more rewarding when I see people improve their perception of the world, and how that directly affects their ability to overcome chronic illness.

As I’ve thought about how many incredible people there are out there, my thoughts turn to those that serve as police officers, fireman or in the military.  One of the most nerve racking experiences has to be when there is a bomb threat that needs to be neutralized.  It’s not something that just anybody can handle.  Highly trained and skilled people are called into those situations to quickly disarm a bomb.  A slow response or mishandling of the bomb can lead to disastrous results. Continue reading